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Parent Teacher Meetings (P.T.M)

The Parent-Teacher Meetings(PTMs) give an opportunity to interact and discuss various issues related to the progress of the child and the school. The following PTMs will be held during the academic session:
Orientation Programme
Orientation Programme for the parents will be conducted for all the classes, during the academic session.
Open Days
On such days lectures by experts (Psychologist/Career Counsellor/Other) are organised which all the parents are expected to attend. Thereafter they proceed to meet the class and subject teachers’ to discuss their child progress and collect the report cards. Parents are expected to sign and return these to the class teacher, within two days.
Other Meetings
Other than the above mentioned days, parents may meet the teachers on working Saturdays (1st and 3rd) or by prior appointment(through a note in the almanac) to discuss urgent issues, where the child academic progress is not satisfactory, parents should make it a point to meet the teacher regularly as this helps in close co-ordination and results in overall academic improvement.

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